All The Essential Uses Of Coal In Petroleum Coke Factories.

All The Essential Uses Of Coal In Petroleum Coke Factories.

Uses Of Coal.

 If we look at history, we see that in past coal had been used around the world, for providing incredible benefits to the world among many of its benefits, some are;

1.       Electricity Generation

Petroleum coke can be used as a major source of power generation. As all around the world, the processes of industries use coal for the sake of power generation. To generate the energy the coal is burnt to produce the steam, through the pressure which is produced as a result of the combustion of the coal, helps to run the turbines and generators for the production of electricity. Petroleum coke being more efficient is an even better source.

2.       Metal Production

Petroleum coke is also considered an ideal option for the production of metals. As coal is considered to be the main ingredient in the process of steelmaking. Coal is converted to coke and hence it is used to produce steel, not only steel but coal is also widely used to produce various other metals like aluminum and copper.

3.       Cement Production

coal is considered to be the main component even in the production of cement. This is because of the leftover product of coal combustion which is fly ash. Fly ash plays an important role in manufacturing cement; hence it is also used widely in the construction industry.

4.       Gasification and Liquefaction

It is also used in the process of liquefaction and gasification. As in this process the coal is heated and pressurized with steam, which results in producing a gas that can be used for domestic purposes. It can also be used for various other purposes like the purpose of lighting, heating, and cooking. The gas is further liquefied to make synthetic fuels that serve the same purpose as the fuels like petroleum and diesel.

5.       Other Industries

Industries like glass, paper, and textile are the major users of coal. Coal is also considered to be essential in the process of manufacturing carbon fiber. It is also used in manufacturing special ingredients like silicon metals that are used to produce ingredients, important in the sector of household and personal care.

Other Uses And Benefits.

1. Produces electricity

2. Heats homes and buildings

3. Fabricates steel and other metals

4. Creates gas from coal deposits

5. Fuels steam-powered engines

6. Can be used as a fuel for motorcycles, cars, boats, etc

7. It Is found in most industrial countries

8. Is abundant enough to build a wall around the earth

9. Used to create lumps of thermite (used to cut through steel)

10. Used to create sulfuric acid

11: Determination of Calcium and Magnesium Levels in urine

12. It is measured during pregnancy to ensure everything inside you is developing normally.