The Petroleum Coke Manufacturer - Huachen Chemicals!

The Petroleum Coke Manufacturer - Huachen Chemicals!

Petroleum coke or Pet coke is a by-product that is created when bitumen found in tar sands is refined into crude oil. Since bitumen contains a higher number of carbon atoms than regular oil, when these atoms are extracted from large hydrocarbon molecules using heat, they form petroleum coke.

High-grade petroleum coke is low in sulfur and heavy metals. It can be used to make electrodes for the steel and aluminum industry. But the majority of petroleum coke manufactured globally is around 75-80%, which is of a much lower grade, as it contains higher levels of sulfur and heavy metals and is used solely to serve the purpose of fuel.

It is also valuable for producing electrodes that are used as carbon anodes for the aluminum industry, graphite electrodes, or steel making, as fuel in the fuel boilers is used to generate electricity, and it is also helpful as a fuel for cement kilns.

Stability and Vitality:

Petroleum coke is a very stable fuel which means that there is less risk of combustion during transportation, but even then, if it does, due to its high carbon content, it combusts and releases up to 10% more carbon dioxide per unit of energy than normal coal. Making petroleum coke a huge contributor to the creation of greenhouse gases.


When bought through Huachen Wholesale Petroleum Coke manufacturers, it remains popular due to its cost-effectiveness as it’s inexpensive to manufacture and yet easily exported. It provides an attractive source of inexpensive fuel widely used in developing nations. As long as it keeps on providing benefits to both the importers and the exporter continues, its production would continue to boost the global economy.